Your office has a new vending machine! It has a nifty neon panel. Is this news?
Nope, sorry. 

Your office has a new vending machine that dispenses live crabs! You imported it from China and it’s the first of its kind in the United States! Is this news?
Heck, yeah! Click here to learn how the Chinese eat hairy crabs.

The small hotel you own has a concierge who books theater tickets, makes dinner reservations, and knows the best dry cleaner in town. You want everyone to know you offer this service. Is this news?
Nope, sorry. 

Your boutique hotel has a concierge with a knack for fulfilling unusual requests.He just handled a doozy — helping an art-mad guest who was on a quest to see all 36 existing paintings by Vermeer, one of which was privately held by the Queen of England! The concierge got the client into a gallery in Buckingham Palace off limits to the public. Is this news?
Definitely news! Click here for the Most Outrageous Hotel Concierge Requests.




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