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Trade show displays for small businesses

Opportunities to meet in person with your audience are infrequent, so everyone wants to make the most of them.

The speed and depth of connection you can make face-to-face far outpaces that of connections through emails, phone calls or even videoconferencing. With that in mind, organizations put a lot of planning time and resources into their trade show marketing — multiply the planning time and resources tenfold if they are hosting the event.

Booth or table size, client budget and portability all play a role in selecting the right kind of display for a trade show. There are a myriad of options, from the simplest pop-up banner to a totally tricked-out space that will stop passersby in their tracks.

For a small business,the challenge is usually to look like Goliath on a David-sized budget. You can’t afford a Goliath installation delivered in an 18-wheeler and set up by a battalion of carpenters and electricians. But you don’t need to be poor little Davey, sitting in a folding chair behind a drab table with cheap pens, cheaper mint candies and business cards fanned out across the top.

Every small business can do better than that by investing in a portable display. A wide range are available for $500 to $5,000. Choose the size that suits your space and your budget. Then work with a writer and designer to create an arresting combination of words and images.

Think of your display as the billboard that makes prospects veer out of the travel lane and stop at your booth. Passersby should be able to read the large heading in 6 seconds or less.

Use one image or a related group of images to give passersby instant context for your message. Context helps them process the message quickly and decide whether to stop.

Keep all important text and images above table height and consider investing in a custom table drape that will blend with your display design and extend the impact down to the floor.

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