Marketing Materials

Are your marketing materials as polished as you are? Professional-grade writing and graphic design tell prospects you are a pro.

Strategy and Technology

Do you want your audience to do something – call, attend, purchase, sign up? Or do you have broader aims, such as raising awareness, changing minds or generating good will? Whatever your goal, our writers and designers find fresh ways to make your print and digital marketing materials draw the attention of your audience and spur the desired response. Digital printing technology has advanced right along with interactive media, enabling high levels of personalization, QR codes that take smartphone users directly to your web content and PURLs that direct your prospect to a personalized landing page.

Brochures, Flyers, Folders, Mailers

Print materials continue to play an important role in marketing because they make a much bigger impression than a subject line in an email inbox. And anything created for print can also be used in email or on the web. We help clients write and design a wide variety of custom, branded collateral for their specific audience and purpose. Materials can be economical or elaborate and take many forms: brochures, flyers, folders, mailers, case studies, white papers, postcards, program guides, pocket guides, posters, sell sheets, signs, car wraps — you name it. Brochure, flyer or both? Here’s how to decide.

Nonprofit Fundraising Materials

Most nonprofits need brochures that state the case for support, donor appeal letters, newsletters and fundraising event collateral. Our writers and designers collaborate with our nonprofit clients to demonstrate why their work deserves support. We help them choose messages and images that align their philanthropic mission with the interests of the target audience. We write display type as though it were the only text content and we edit body text to keep it brief and on-point.

Event and Trade Show Materials

The speed and depth of connection you can make face-to-face far outpaces that of emails, phone calls or even videoconferencing. That’s why businesses and nonprofits devote so much time and money to make the most of events they host and trade shows they take part in. We help them create all needed materials, print and digital, including displays, invitations, program booklets, table tents, signs and logo-imprinted give-away items. Learn more about trade show displays for small businesses.

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