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Managed MarCom Services™

With our monthly retainer option, you achieve measurable results, with minimal demands on your time, at a flat fee.

How it works:

  • You set the budget at a monthly fee between $2,000 and $5,000.
  • You approve the marketing action plan we develop together.
  • You get analytics reports, explanations and actionable next steps.
  • You manage cash flow by paying a flat monthly fee.

What we include:

  • Consistent attention from the designer and content specialist who work as your account team.
  • All creative services specified in the custom marketing action plan and budget you approve.
  • Regular reporting on key analytics from your website and any other digital media in your plan.

Billed separately:

  • Purchase of advertising space, online or offline
  • Printing, addressing, delivery, postage
  • Trade show display hardware or materials
  • Travel outside the Delaware Valley area

A Real Business Partner,
Not Just Another Design Firm

“Kim Landry and the rest of the Hollister Creative staff were terrific to work with as we upgraded and updated our marketing and end-user materials. Hollister listened to our needs and then worked closely with us to meet those needs. They gave us great guidance and feedback. Working with Hollister feels like working with a real business partner, not just another design firm.”

Brendan Young


9 benefits of Managed MarCom Services

  1. The work not only gets done, you don’t even have to remember that it needs to get done.
  2. You are not just outsourcing work, but also the planning and reporting associated with the work.
  3. You enjoy the convenience of a predictable, automatic service. Set it and forget it.
  4. Instead of coordinating multiple vendor relationships, you have a single partner who curates any subcontractors needed.
  5. We know all of the necessary systems and software applications, so you don’t have to learn them.
  6. You get consistent attention from us, along with our expertise, insight and advice.
  7. You gain a trusted advisor who is proactively looking out for your interests and taking care of you.
  8. If you have an employee who handles some marketing tasks, we will happily coordinate with that person.
  9. If you have a vendor you want to keep for a certain task, we will happily coordinate with that person.
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