Active users of LinkedIn fall into two camps: Camp Popularity and Camp Exclusivity.

If you’re like Larry in Camp Popularity, you believe the quantity of connections is more important than the quality. You view LinkedIn as the meeting place of your celebrity fan club. You want to build the largest possible audience so that your status updates are shared with thousands of people. You connect with everyone who asks, yet your connections feel special to be accepted by one so popular.

Depicted as native americans warring in a river, camp popularity and camp exclusivity duel it out for LinkedIn supremacy.If you’re like Lucy in Camp Exclusivity, you believe in quality over quantity. You view LinkedIn as an invitation-only club where you graciously host select members of your professional network and gain status from the introductions you make for them. It is a privilege to be among your connections because all are people you know well enough to recommend.

Larry’s success is enhanced by his popularity: appearing to be well-known, widely admired and influential to a large audience. Lucy’s success is enhanced by her exclusivity: knowing the right people and personally connecting them with potential customers, vendors and partners in her network.

Though the people in Camp Popularity and Camp Exclusivity have competing LinkedIn strategies, there’s no need for a camp war to settle which strategy is best. Either strategy can be a winner. It depends on the type of business you are in and what your professional goals are.

Larry might be a consultant, executive recruiter, coach, speaker, trainer or author. He benefits from creating personal notoriety and maintaining a high profile. Lucy might be a business owner, corporate executive, business development director or nonprofit leader. She benefits from helping others who are in a position to return the favor with valuable referrals.

Which strategy will make you a happy camper? The one that does more to enhance your success.

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