Q: I get confused about insure, assure or ensure. How can I be sure which one to use?

A: Rest assured, we can explain. Rise and walk with us to a Thanksgiving past at the Sure house.

Insure, assure or ensure? A family Thanksgiving feast can have them all.

Neil and Azzy Sure get excited about Thanksgiving!

Newlyweds Neil and Azzy Sure are hosting their first Thanksgiving dinner. To ensure that his pumpkin pie meets with approval from Azzy’s sweet-toothed mom, Neil adds extra sugar. Then he frets that it is too sweet until Azzy assures him that “Mom would sprinkle powdered sugar on a glazed doughnut if no one was looking.”

Dinner is served. Azzy wonders aloud if her first roasted turkey is too dry. Neil’s mom says it is perfect and gives Azzy’s hand an assuring squeeze. Everyone eats too much. Neil packs up the leftover pie to send home with Azzy’s mom, ensuring best-son-in-law status. The Sures’ first Thanksgiving has been a great success. And no one mentioned insurance, which is good, because it’s really boring.

Got it now? Let’s see. Can you match the word with the correct situation?
1. ensure
2. assure
3. insure

A. when someone has warded off feelings of doubt or fear through words or actions
B. when you want to receive financial compensation for a possible future loss
C. when something has been done to bring about a certain outcome

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1 – C  You ensure a result.
2 – A  You assure people or animals. (Only things with emotions can be assured.)
3 – B  Insure is only used when referring to actual insurance.

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