Engaging infographics will wake up your readers.

An infographics example with a lot of energy, and not because the CEO is drinking coffee and the CISO is sipping Red Bull.

Q: In past years our annual report has been a big yawn. This year, we want it to be engaging and attractive, although it still needs to convey a lot of complex information. Got any suggestions?

A: The caffeine jolt that will wake up your sleepy report is called infographics. Also known as data visualizations, infographics use a clever mix of images and text to simplify and amplify information. Bar graphs and pie charts are just the beginning; infographics often include illustrations, icons and fun typography to engage the readers and get them excited about the information.

Get inspired by the wonderful examples on Visual.ly.

  • DON’T tell, show instead.The point of an infographic is to limit the text and use images to tell the story.
  • DO be clever. A basic pie chart doesn’t cut it. Use meaningful icons and arresting images to enhance time lines, charts, graphs, maps and facts.
  • DO strive for simplicity. Your first goal is to impart big-picture information, the major take-aways for your readers. If the reader has to puzzle over your graphic to figure it out, it is too complex.

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