An image conveys a powerful message that works for you if chosen well and against you if chosen carelessly. We recently came across examples of each image design outcome — oddly, both use heart-related imagery.

An example of clever image design

This composite image sends the right message in a clever way.

The ad at right, by Devito/Verdi for Abington Memorial Hospital, is a winning combination of overlaid graphics and a clever headline: “The power to repair heart valves is closer than you think.” The idea that Abington is near Philadelphia, the heart of the area, is simple enough to engage Philly-area readers without making them work too hard to “get it.”

The image in the car window ad below, for Maryland Respiratory Group, seems like a cruel joke. The words say “Service from the heart,” but the graphic says “Bring us your beating heart and we will flatline it for you.”

An example of bad image design

This image of an EKG readout undermines the message. (photo by Brad Rogers)

When brainstorming about image design, keep the following tips in mind:

  • DO remember that pictures are worth 1,000 words, making them a powerful vessel for your message.
  • DON’T choose an image that undermines your message.
  • DO look for interesting visual connections that can make an image both arresting and meaningful.

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