Facebook for business is different than Facebook for personal use. So if you have finally decided that your company should dip its proverbial toe into Facebook waters, you need a plan. Don’t go off willy nilly posting whatever comes into your head.  Getting starting with social media is a big commitment, at least if you want to do it right. Toe-dipping won’t do, and wading in won’t either. No, to do it well and get the impact you want for your business, you need to dive in head first and start swimming. Stop swimming and you will sink.

Sorry to scare you, but as your Facebook lifeguard, it is our duty to inform you that failing at social media is worse than not participating at all. There is a way to do this. Facebook for business is different than Facebook for personal use. Facebook for business is not something you can do on the fly. Planning and preparation are a big part of succeeding with your social media efforts. So get ready to get wet — or stay out of the water.

Here are some of our Hollister Creative tips for novice Facebook swimmers:

  • DO start with a plan. What kind of content will attract the audience you want? Who will provide the content?
  • DO post at least once a week. Going weeks or — gasp — month  without posting gives the impression that you’ve abandoned your page. If you do abandon it, close your account.
  • DON’T use posts to advertise. Be sociable and start conversations with fans about things that interest them. Provide value in the form of helpful tips, information, expertise, entertainment or humor related to your industry.
  • DO ask friends and family to “like” your page before you roll it out to your customers. Likes beget likes. Caveat: Don’t buy “likes” unless you want a giant L on your forehead — L for Loser who is not really Liked.

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