How to land a flying prospect like this one - give her a good reason to stop!

She’s comin’ at ya. Are you ready to guide her in for a smooth landing?

Your next customer is flying around in cyberspace, searching for products and services that serve her personal and business needs. How do you land a flying prospect, and get her to stop on your website and either contact you or give you permission to contact her?

First she has to come across the paid or free content you strategically placed in her flight path. This might include:

  • a blog article optimized for the right keyword phrase
  • an email newsletter she opens because it is always relevant, entertaining or both
  • a boosted social media post with a picture that grabs her attention
  • a pay-per-click ad or web page banner ad with an intriguing offer

Because you are thinking strategically, each piece of content you share online has a specific call to action with a link. The call to action might be:

  • get a free ebook, whitepaper, how-to guide, estimate, consultation or product sample
  • register for a webinar
  • enter a contest
  • download a coupon

Your flying customer heeds your call to action and clicks the link. “Land ho!” she exults, anticipating a quick descent to the land of instant gratification. Don’t disappoint her with a detour to your website’s home page! She didn’t ask for an introduction to all you offer, she asked to obtain the one specific offer that was in your call to action.

She expects to land on a landing page, a special page you created to quickly reward her with the exact thing she clicked to get, in exchange for her contact information. An effective landing page will:

  • have a clean, simple design devoted entirely to a single offer
  • repeat the offer headline exactly, with additional details that reinforce the offer’s value, plus a phone number, email address or chat option for asking questions
  • include the shortest possible form to collect the least amount of information you must have to add this person to your list or make a followup call
  • prominently display the button your visitor must click to simultaneously receive the desired thing and submit her contact information

Need help with online lead generation strategy, content writing or landing page design? Email Kim Landry: [email protected].

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