When Dorothy began to ease on down the road to Oz, she was a person with a problem in search of a wizard who could solve it. If she’d had Internet access, she could have Googled “transportation wizard” and perhaps found the websites of multiple companies claiming they alone had the magic to get her where she wanted to go. Alas, wifi had not yet come to Munchkinland.

Fortunately for Dorothy, she didn’t need to research the qualifications of multiple providers because she was acting on a very strong referral from Glinda. The Good Witch had quickly become a trusted advisor, as she clearly knew how things worked in that world and proved it by saving Dorothy’s life with a great pair of shoes. Dorothy believed that Glinda had her best interests in mind and would connect her to the right wizard.


Since your company solves problems for people, you are some kind of wizard. You may get prospects from referrals. Some of those prospects may arrive at your door already believing you have the magic. They may feel no need to peek behind the curtain and see for themselves how great and powerful you really are.

But what about prospects who find you in some other way? Most of them are not gullible enough to select you just because your website claims you are a wizard. They may want you to pass the website credibility test. Self-proclaimed wizards are everywhere. If you hope to be selected, your website needs to provide credible evidence of your wizardship.

How do you gain website credibility? Ideally, this includes client testimonials, case studies and news of industry recognition. But at minimum, reveal the people behind the curtain. With professional bios and/or links to their LinkedIn profiles, show the greatest and most powerful evidence that the top people in your company are true wizards worthy of trust.

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