Your organization exists to help people who want or need what you provide. Yet many businesses struggle to engage more people they can help. And many nonprofits struggle to engage more people who can donate or volunteer to help others.

Why the struggle? Often it’s because the organization doesn’t know how to be engaging. Here is a simple formula to get you started: Prepare and share content with your target audience that follows these three pieces of advice.

1. Answer their questions.
Your prospects are asking questions about something they want or need as they search online for somebody, anybody to Help!

  • Share your knowledge by answering typical questions on a web page or blog page and on your social media pages.
  • Write the article’s headline as the question and the article’s text as the answer.Don’t be afraid to “give away the store” of knowledge you have within your organization.
  • Go deep enough into the subject matter for knowledgeable consumers, but be brief enough for the CEO.

2. Express your expert opinions.
Your prospects are overwhelmed by information. They want an expert to tell them what is important and how it can Help!

  • By giving advice, you spice up bland facts, making them more pleasant for prospects to digest.
  • When you write or speak as an expert advisor, your prospects see you as a thought leader.
  • Your expert opinions naturally “sell” your expertise in a way that prospects won’t dismiss as a sales pitch.

3. Be likable.
Your prospects must know, like and trust your company before they will call. Any way you can lighten up your content will Help!

  • Use anecdotes to tell little stories.
  • Pair text with an entertaining or spectacular image.
  • Inject humor, if the subject matter allows it.
  • Avoid making remarks that sound bossy, snarky or snide.
  • Refrain from criticizing others, especially competitors.
  • Keep every piece of content positive and upbeat.

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