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Our free monthly email newsletter is a tip sheet on writing, design and marketing strategy. It aims to be amusing as well as informative, and each issue generates more fan mail.


I just wanted to tell you that I think the new monthly tip sheet is terrific.  The content is always relevant, pithy and never disappoints, providing an early morning laugh (or two)!
Nancy Dunleavy
Dunleavy & Associates

I love your newsletters. Thank you for including me on your list!
Terry D’Alessandro
Firstrust Bank

Great, new format. So easy to read — always fun!
Staci Epstein
BE Group

Thanks for including me on your mailing list. Good stuff!
Joseph Blair
Financial House

Great information, as always.
Xenia Hewka Scott
The Main Line Chamber of Commerce

Love the new shorter format – with links to more detail! Way to keep it fresh and new.
Sandra Donahue
Drexel University

I am a super fan, and this is very clean, informative, and I can scan for the articles I want to invest my time in. Excellent!! Thank you. Always worth a read. Very good tips and advice.
Jim Hakala
University of Colorado Museum

I LOVE the new format. I think that the content is very easily manageable by keeping it short and sweet. As always, keep up the good work – this is BY FAR the best newsletter I’m subscribed to. I really do enjoy the morning it shows up in my inbox.
Kimberly Eggert
Smart Vent Products

The old format’s density gave it a certain “gravitas” that I liked – it  nicely balanced the playful tone. However, the new format is an easier skim – and my rule of thumb is that format (for anything) is 80% of the challenge in getting/keeping attention.
Bob Carolla
National Alliance on Mental Illness

The Hollister newsletter is always informative and now easier to use. I like being able to do a quick scan for the articles that would be of most interest to me or those I might share it with. The Editor DOs and DON’Ts is my favorite section. The link to the Marketing Advice blog will help me catch up on anything I missed. Well done!
Barbara  Szala
In-Person Communications

I was able to select topics and read further versus being inundated with info. Love the calendar list!
Maureen McVail,
Institute for Women’s Health and Leadership

Simple. Direct. Short. Looks great!
Brian Daniel
A&A Machinery Moving & Sales

I like the shorter format with teasers to read more on your website. As always, a great job, great tone, and concrete examples.
Xenia Hewka Scott
The Main Line Chamber of Commerce

Your tips are the best. I read through every issue and send it on to my colleagues – at least 6 of them. The info you provide is always worth the read. Plus you do not take yourself too seriously, and you include fun photos too. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.”
Jim Hakala
University of Colorado Museum

“I like that the newsletter is all useful information presented with humor. Keep them coming.”
Patricia Schaeffer
Talent Strategy Partners

“I always enjoy your newsletter.”
Karen Walters
Independence Blue Cross

Love your newsletter. Informative, insightful, fun, simple, easy-to-read. Good stuff!
Staci Bender Epstein
Be Group

“Another good e-newsletter! Liked the piece about flagging down speeders on the website, and appreciate how delicately you handled the Trump/Putin bromance, and turned it to your needs. Nicely done.”
Gene Castellano
Gene Castellano Communications

“MelonCollie. A true laugh out loud. Great newsletter this month, lots of good stuff. Thanks.”
Scott Messer
Sales Evolution

“I told you before, but once again, I enjoyed your newsletter.  Loved the Melon Collie.”
Tammy Beil

“Great ideas – great case studies.”
Larry Sebbens

“I love the practical advice with a sense of humor. Thank you!”
Kristen Osborne
Green Ink Editing

“One of our favorite monthly emails.”
Myriam Siftar
MTM LinguaSoft

“I always enjoy reading the Hollister newsletter. Thank you!”
Jane Munro
As You Wish Promotions

“This newsletter is always so informative, so cheeky…I can’t get enough of it.  It covers topics that often aren’t addressed but are crucial to the message. Bravo!!!”
Michelle Ballisty
Modern Mail

“I read your newsletter. Every. Time. I’m a fan of the short, accessible articles, broken up by useful tips, bullets and Do’s and Don’ts!”
Xenia Scott
Main Line Chamber of Commerce

“Interesting marketing information. I share your newsletter with my daughter who is in marketing.”
Carole Brush
Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies

“Quick hits packed with info that is easily consumed. And as a word nerd, the grammar/copy editing tips.”
Jeanne Mell 
University City Science Center

“Hollister has great marketing insight. I like to glean info from the articles. And I thoroughly appreciate the clever tongue in cheek humor in which they are presented.”
Paula Lanouette
Precision AirConvey

“I love reading your newsletter for the design tips – there is always something to look forward to that makes me actually sit and think about the projects that I am working on!”
Kimberly Eggert
Smart Vent

“I love the Hollister Creative newsletter! I find myself reading all the way down to the bottom because I am constantly learning and laughing at the same time!“
Lucia Volpe
Main Line Chamber of Commerce

“I love your newsletter — so creative and makes me smile; I actually found good tips from today’s newsletter for a one pager marketing piece we are currently working on :) “
Christa Hurchalla

“Love the newsletter. I always laugh/smile and learn something. Great job.”
Ellen Fisher
Women’s Yellow Pages

“It refreshes my creative doldrums!”
Aelish Patané
Vanguard International

“Being a graphic designer for a hospital, the newsletter provides great tips for the everyday job responsibilities. It also reaffirms that I do know what I am doing in my position.”
Tessa McKenna
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-Iowa

“I love reading the newsletter. There are quick tips that I can take away without wasting time.“
Kristin M. Di Lullo
Main Line Chamber of Commerce


I love the humorous take on practical advice. It makes the tips and tricks really stick! I work with youth reporters, under the age of 14, and I’ve shared your advice with them on several occasions!
Dana Plewka
Denver Post

As always, I not only enjoy but learn something in everyone of these newsletters.
Joan Chrestay
JFC Consulting

I enjoy reading your newsletters.
Nan Myers
NBM Communications

I really enjoy your newsletter – I learn something useful with each read and it is entertaining = the perfect combo.
Sally A. Dickson
Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

Great newsletter this month.
Ellen Fisher
Philadelphia Center for Advancing Entrepreneurs

The newsletter looks great, as always. I am so impressed that you are able to get this out on a regular basis. I know how much work it must be!
Bill Haley
Allied Pixel

Wanted you to know that I really liked the piece on re-designing Allied Pixel’s website! Allied’s website looks and works great.
Gene Castellano
Marketing Consultant

One of your best newsletters yet. Loved the articles on logo, competitive advantage and “so what”; all quite relevant.Scott Messer
Sales Evolution

Thanks for the informative, entertaining newsletter. I read it top to bottom when it lands in my inbox. Especially liked the visual of a live crab vending machine!
Regina Sillitti
Dinkum Interactive

Love all the content in your newsletters, look forward to them each time! Thanks for all the tips – keep ‘em coming!
Kimberly Eggert

Thanks for this – love the reminder re: leaving effective voice mail messages — I’ve shared with my team :)
Christa Hurchalla

BTW — I love your newsletters!
Liz MacIntyre
Montgomery County Information and Technologies Solutions

Great job on your newsletter this month.
Sara Kosteva
The Fae Group Graphic Design Company

I loved reading this today — thank you!
Jane Munro
As You Wish Promotions

As always, love reading your tips! Keep ’em coming!
Jason Goldstein
1847 Financial

Great newsletter, as always, and wonderful job on the Texas museum piece.
Debra Malinics
Debra Malinics Advertising

One of your best … Digital fatigue is apparent to everyone except those who champion the digital frontier. Add to that the “scary/trapping/stalking” methodologies and you’ve got folks looking to break away from the noise to a quiet medium … PRINT :-)
JB Braun
Main Line Today Magazine

Great newsletter!  I really liked the music quiz!!  It was spot on – a little challenging but not too long. Got all of ‘um.
Tammy Beil

Your newsletters are always entertaining, informative and, of course, creative! Lots of helpful, usable tips.
Ellen Kornfield
Delaware County Community Foundation

As always, a fun and informative newsletter!!
Betty Long
Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates
Love the newsletter this month, especially the tips on the email signature.
Amy Andersson
Andersson Productivity Solutions

Great as always! I know the effort it takes to do this regularly and you make them very interesting!
Debra Malinics
Debra Malinics Advertising
Good issue!
JB Braun
Main Line Today Magazine

I just read your newsletter and I think I’ve told you this before… but it’s great! It’s an easy, fun and insightful read! :-)
Heather Moore
Tompkins Vist Bank

Loved the Hollister newsletter this month. The leading picture is one I won’t soon forget (taking a sander to toenails — you know the one!  :)  And I am big Frida Kahlo fan — plus the advice re: generating blog ideas was very helpful.
Christa Hurchalla

One of your best newsletters yet. The articles really spoke to me. Thanks.
Scott Messer
Sales Evolution

I’ve been meaning to tell you, I really enjoy reading this. Well done!
Bill Haley
Allied Pixel

My wife is a list maker and will appreciate your helpful tips.
Kevin McShea
Selkirk Partners

Love the tips for the listicles!
Amy Andersson
Andersson Productivity Solutions

The "Strategist Quickie" column of a Hollister Creative enewsletter shares marketing tips for clients

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