Education Outreach

Need to reach and teach kids or adults? You choose the theme. We create dynamic educational materials that engage your audience.

How can you extend the reach of your brand while benefiting children, families, schools and the community? By commissioning energetic teaching and learning materials from Hollister Creative! We create effective Education Outreach materials on any theme — from art appreciation to world trade to sports and technology — and we’ve won scores of national awards for it.

Clients who have commissioned us to research, write and design custom learning guides include the Philadelphia Phillies, the Detroit Tigers, Educational Testing Service, Ford Motor Company Fund, American Exhibitions and “Battle for Texas: The Experience.” More than 300 newspapers, including the 25 largest in America, have distributed our learning guides and teacher guides through their Newspaper In Education programs.

If your goal is to get sponsored materials used in schools, we align the content with national education standards. Schools usually want a teacher guide on the same topic, and many want a classroom poster as well. We create those, too, as parts of a cohesive program. Materials can be developed for print and/or online distribution in any format, and used in classrooms, at home, in workplaces and elsewhere in the community.

In addition to creating custom materials, we maintain a catalog of student learning guides and teacher guides for purchase by media outlets, museums, schools and parents. Email us for a link to the online catalog.

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