An example of designing collateral for face-to-face fundraising: the cover of The Orrery Society promotional folder.At the University of Pennsylvania, the David Rittenhouse Orrery is a prized historic artifact and symbol of the pursuit of knowledge. It is displayed in a prime location on the penthouse floor of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, where it fascinates both scholars and casual visitors in the way it mechanically represents the Earth’s solar system.

Back when fundraisers in the Penn Libraries Development Office were considering names for a membership organization open to those who make significant contributions, The Orrery Society seemed especially fitting.

This year, the development professionals at Penn Libraries set out to create a piece of marketing collateral that would entice prospective donors while highlighting the various ways alumni and others can contribute through The Orrery Society. They envisioned that the piece would occasionally be mailed or handed out, but it would be used primarily in a face-to-face meeting with a prospect.

The development team collaborated with Hollister Creative to put together a sophisticated package consisting of an elegant folder with a pocket in which five cards are stacked in tiers. The folder doubles as a brochure that engages the eyes with beautiful photos of students using the libraries and text that inspires the reader to embrace the Society’s mission. In a face-to-face meeting, presenting and opening the folder/brochure is an inviting way for the fundraiser to begin the conversation.

Designing collateral for face-to-face fundraising: the inside layout of The Orrery Society's fundraising folder.

Each of the five pull-out cards stacked in the interior pocket describes one way that donors can support Penn Libraries through The Orrery Society. With the cards color-coded and the prominent topic headings tiered, a potential donor can quickly scan all of the options and select the one that holds the most interest. The fundraiser can then focus conversation on the area of need that has the strongest appeal for this particular donor.

When designing collateral for face-to-face fundraising:

  • DO think about how the collateral will be used and design the elements to support the navigation you envision.
  • DO put the program name or logo on every piece of a multi-part packet, so that each piece can stand alone when the packet is disassembled.
  • DO consider what the pull-out pieces will look like when standing alone, and what the folder will look like when the pieces are removed.
  • DON’T feel wedded to the idea that each piece of equal importance should be of equal size; varied sizes allowed a tiered display.

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