An illustration of designer's block.Staring at your monitor with a bad case of designer’s block? Pixel-pushing leaving you uninspired?

With all of the high-tech devices at our disposal, it is easy to forget that high-impact designs can come in low-tech forms. Check out these exquisite chalk designs by Dana Tanamachi. There’s something wonderful about the freedom and immediacy of artwork created by hand. So next time you’re down in the digital design doldrums, try following Tanamachi’s analog lead.

  • DO step away from the computer once in awhile to sketch out your ideas on paper. Use chalk or crayons if it helps you access your inner unfettered artist.
  • DON’T worry about mechanical perfection all the time. Sometimes there is beauty in the little imperfections.
  • DO think about exciting ways to repurpose analog ideas and mix them with other media in your designs.

P.S. If you’re curious about the origin of the phrase “down in the doldrums,” The Phrase Finder tells the story.

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