Even wise men and camels can appreciate good content marketingWhat does content marketing have to do with the Christmas story? As told in most Christian churches in America, the Christmas story starts with the birth of Jesus and ends 12 days later with the arrival of three wise men who followed a guiding star to find the baby and honor him with precious gifts. The 12th day is celebrated as Epiphany, and therein lies our metaphor. If we were teaching Bible class, we would speak of epiphany as the moment when a divine being makes itself known to mortals. But here we are teaching content marketing, so we will use the secular meaning of epiphany: an ah-ha moment of revelation or insight.

Lest you think we are among the zealots who preach content marketing as the One True Way to the Profits Land, we are not. But we practice it, recommend it and deliver it for clients because content marketing – done well – plays an important role in engaging prospects, retaining and cross-selling clients, and optimizing websites for search.

In content marketing, authors are the Wise Ones. They have three roles:

•   Know thy seekers. These are the people who have problems or needs your company can address. They are searching online for wise ones who can best answer their questions. Your role is to know who your seekers are – their industry, title, responsibilities, concerns – and the what-why-how questions that naturally flow from the who.

•   Be the guiding star. Seekers are lost in an endless landscape of extraneous information. They are looking for a bright, steady beam of light they can count on to help them find the information that is important and relevant to their situation. You can become their guiding star by consistently writing authoritative content on topics in your area of expertise.

•   Bring on an epiphany. Don’t come bearing facts alone. Seekers want your expert opinions, cogent explanations, informed advice and perceptive insights. Give those freely and you are much more likely to be an entertaining and inspiring author. You are also much more likely to lead your readers to that ah-ha moment when they really “get it” and won’t forget it.

Note: Don’t let lack of time or writing ability stop you from taking your rightful place among the wise ones. Content marketing companies like Hollister Creative can interview you and other subject matter experts in your company, ghost-write articles and share them with your seekers through your blog, email newsletter and social media pages. Let us help you help yourself!

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