Compressing files can be seen as the same as squeezing people into a telephone booth.

Perhaps this prank inspired the invention of Stuffit in 1987. Compressing files is easier these days!

Q: I need to send our designer 30 photos with captions. It seems so tedious to send each one as a separate email. Is there a better way?

A: Yes, and thank you for asking! There is a much better way, and it will make both you and your designer have a better day!

What you do is collect all of your files together into one folder and then compress the folder. Compressing files is also called “zipping” or “stuffing.” It will reduce the file size, and give you one item to send instead of 30. Click one of the links below to learn how to compress a folder on a Mac or a PC.

How to compress a file on a PC

How to compress a file on a Mac

You can email the compressed folder as one file, if it is small enough. If it is still too large to email, you can use an upload site, which many design companies have. For example, you can upload files to the Hollister Creative site at

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