Question: My boss has decided we should put out more news about our company and has given me the job. But I don’t know what to write about because I don’t think what we do is particularly newsworthy.

Answer: Okay, so your company can’t compete for headlines with Bradley Cooper or Emma Stone. But your company is more newsworthy than you think it is. And you can help by sharing that company news.

Your company news is just as newsworthy as magazine cover stories about Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone.Here are some easy steps to follow.

Before you get too excited, however, let’s distinguish between news that a media organization might publish and news that you will publish yourself. Media organizations of every size and scope have plenty of news items to choose from. Getting space or airtime for yours is tough because competition is intense and the bar is high: Your item has to be interesting or significant to a large number of people who don’t know you.

The good news is that with your website, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, you are your own media institution with the capacity to spread your story regularly and successfully.

Publishing your company news regularly, to your own audience, can be just as valuable as getting an occasional item published by an outside media organization. Each news item helps to keep your company “top of mind” with clients, potential clients and others who are on your contact list or who follow your company on social media.

Fresh content also appeals to prospects, who like to see that a company is actively doing stuff when they search for it, and to Google, which rewards websites and Google+ pages that regularly add new items. News items don’t need to be long, researched pieces (and with today’s media it’s probably better if they’re not). They should be short, succinct updates, preferably with pictures.

But what is company news?

Major events, of course, are always news: an acquisition, a merger, a new product line.

But so are things you may not think of as news.

Promoted an employee? That’s news. Hired a new one? Also news.

Supporting a charity, participating in a walk-a-thon, offering a new service? All news.

It’s also news if you’ll be attending a trade show, speaking at a conference or joining the Chamber of Commerce.

Or if you’ve launched a website, started a newsletter or reached out to the community in new ways.

Still stuck? Imagine a client has asked you, “What’s new at [name of your company]?” What would you answer? That’s news.

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