Getting organized is a popular New Year’s goal. Determined to start anew, we attack closets and drawers, assuring ourselves that life will be forever better once we’re done. For companies, that means you must keep marketing materials current.

Inevitably, though, vigor and commitment fade. Without constant vigilance, we backslide. Soon enough, getting dressed means hunting in the dryer for clean underwear and matching socks.

Companies must keep marketing materials current, just like you should keep your wardrobe up to date.

Companies must keep marketing materials current. You and your company benefit by tossing out wardrobe items that no longer fit or flatter.

In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, author Marie Kondo proposes a better way. The key to staying organized, she says, is to toss out possessions that do not “spark joy” by making you feel happy, inspired and positive.

Kondo’s “spark joy” rule is a fine standard for a New Year tidy-up of your company’s marketing wardrobe. Just like people, companies hold on too long to wardrobe items that no longer fit or flatter.

Look at each piece of “clothing” your company wears to greet the public. Does it make you proud? Do you keep your marketing materials current? Or do you hesitate to hand out your old brochure and cringe at the thought of prospects judging your company by the appearance of its outdated website?

Make a resolution to renew the spark this year by getting your promotional house in order. Review the top three assets you use for marketing:

  • Website. Does it look great and still fit your company? Does it present a current, clear and complete picture of the value you bring to customers?
  • Printed materials. Do they match the look and feel of your website? Do they present current information, written effectively and designed to attract your audience?
  • Social media. Do your blog and social posts inspire your clients and prospects by educating and/or entertaining them with relevant information?

In short, companies must keep marketing materials current.

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