Your v. you're is a common typo

While irked by the typo, we give two thumbs up to the party-animal sentiments expressed by these penguins sipping cocktails on a tropical beach. Q: “What are you celebrating?” A: “Anything you want!”

Q. Typo time! What’s the most common spelling or grammar mistake you see when you edit: its vs. it’s or your vs. you’re?

A. The answer may surprise you. We most often see people writing “you” when they meant to write “your,” as in “thank you for all you help” or “we appreciate you business.”

We don’t think anybody consciously chooses the wrong word. It’s just a very common typo that spell checkers don’t catch. Edit-check may even introduce this error! The missing “r” is so elusive that diligently proofreading your own work won’t always cause you to spot its sneaky not-there-ness.

We were victims of the you/your mistake when we hosted a tropical-themed open house party at our new office (see photos of the office on our Facebook page.) Guests enjoyed island-inspired foods, umbrella drinks, colorful leis and breezy tunes. In that spirit, we decided to give away a door prize of a $100 gift certificate to Bahama Breeze Island Grille. The gift certificate arrived in a customized card that read: “From you friends at Hollister Creative.” Holy talking penguins, is there no escape from typos?

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