Are You a Marketing Director?

As your on-call creative team, we turn around projects with aplomb

Many of our clients are the ambitious marketing director of a business or educational institution, or the director of development for a nonprofit organization. They provide strategic leadership, plan the tactics To Do list, and marshal the resources needed to get the To Do list done.

Typically, their staff (if they have one) is not large enough to provide all the needed skill sets. Or demand exceeds staff capacity. Or both.

When these marketing directors come to us, they may be:

  • tired of juggling multiple freelancers, some of whom have capacity issues of their own
  • frustrated because project management takes too much time, leaving too little for strategy and planning
  • wishing someone else would put the right teams together to get every project done well, on time and on budget

They are looking for a partner they can trust to collaborate with them and make them proud of each final product. They choose Hollister Creative and stay with us because we:

  • understand strategy so well that we can be an expert sounding board and contribute ideas
  • assemble teams so well that we provide the right skill sets, in the right amounts, for each project
  • manage projects so well that you can just expect us to follow the schedule and deliver for you

To help marketing directors manage their budgets, we offer several billing options. We can work on a project-by-project basis, typically billing either hourly or 50% to start and 50% on completion. For large projects, such as a website, we can split the total into equal monthly payments ($1,000 per month minimum) over the life of the project.

We also offer the budget-friendly option of Managed MarCom Services™. If your annual budget is at least $12,000, we can offer you a discount rate, help you plan your projects for the year and help you manage your cash flow by charging a flat monthly fee.

Outsourcing our marketing efforts helped us grow our practice

“We value the team at Hollister Creative because they are easy to work with, they worked hard to get to know us and they do great work. The Hollister team has helped us to refine and align our branding efforts by creating a consistent look to both our suite of collateral materials and our website. Their expertise in graphic design and layout, coupled with their fresh perspective on messaging and content positioning, has helped CCI improve both brand awareness and brand equity. Outsourcing our marketing efforts has helped us to improve quality while enabling us to refocus our efforts on supporting clients and growing our practice.”

Brian Clapp

CCI Consulting

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