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Are You a Business Owner or Leader?

We remove marketing from your ‘To Do’ list and get it done

Many of our clients are ambitious business owners or leaders with 10-200 employees. The company has grown beyond the cash-strapped startup phase when marketing was a do-it-yourself endeavor. But it is not large enough to staff a marketing department with all the needed skill sets. (If you have a marketing director, please see how we help marketing directors.) When these business owners come to us, they may be:

  • worried because they sense they need sophisticated marketing to compete effectively
  • confused about all the changes that have taken place in marketing in the last 15 years
  • wary about whether marketing will actually work or prove to be a waste of money

They are looking for a partner they can trust to remove marketing from their ‘To Do’ list and get it done. They choose Hollister Creative and stay with us because we:

  • focus on winning the marketing competition for them so they can stop worrying about it
  • educate and guide them so they feel confident they are making informed decisions
  • prioritize and execute sensible, practical action items that will show results

Business owners with 10-200 employees typically invest between $12,000 and $60,000* per year in marketing. Our managed marketing services plan, Managed MarCom Services™, enables owners to manage cash flow by paying a flat monthly fee of $1,000 to $5,000. This budget-friendly plan is custom-designed for each client to address the unique needs of the business. Owners enjoy the convenience of a single strategic partner who plans and manages execution of all marketing tactics with focus, consistency and excellence, and regularly reports results. As that partner, Hollister Creative is accountable for delivering maximum results for  owners, with minimal demands on their time.

Brought my vision to life

“I was pulling my hair out trying to make stuff work myself, not thinking that I could afford a professional marketing company. Then I found Hollister Creative and they made my headaches go away. I was able to just explain what I wanted and what I could see inside my head, and Hollister Creative was able to take that and put it on the computer screen and on the printed page.”

Chris Gajewski

Bryn Mawr Orthodontic Lab

*Source: BrightLocal. Note: $60,000 is less than the salary of the lowest-paid marketing managers. Salary.com reports the lowest 10% are paid an average of $64,947, while the median salary of a marketing manager in Philadelphia is $91,030.  Indeed.com reports the average salary of a small business marketing manager in Philadelphia is $81,000.  

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