The holidays are over and the damage is evident on your bathroom scale. Like most of us, you probably made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape. And you probably should hit the gym and cut down on calories. But getting in shape is hard and it takes a long time to accomplish anything noticeable.  What’s an easier New Year’s resolution?  Updating your website! You can make a noticeable difference and feel accomplished in just a few hours. You can even do it sitting down.

Set aside an afternoon to go through every page of your site, look for areas that need updates and make them. Getting your website in shape has never been so easy.


Updating your website can also be a physical activity.

If you’re already fit, you can turn updating your website into a workout by doing it while balancing on your forearms.

Website Update Checklist

Outdated email and contact information
Make sure that the email automatically generated by the contact form goes to a responsible human who still works at your company.

Incomplete client lists
Brag about your new customers. You worked hard to earn them.

Broken links
Fix or delete them.

Out-of-date pricing and product/service descriptions
Fix these ASAP and make a note that in the future that all such changes should be published on the website before they are distributed in other ways.

Links to social media sites you don’t update anymore
Get back on a regular social posting schedule or delete the links.

A blog that hasn’t been updated in months
Start up that blog again or repurpose the content elsewhere on the site. If you can’t stick to a regular blogging schedule, consider hiring a ghost blogger to help you out.

Out-of-date info about your team
Delete your former team members and add your new ones.

Old headshots
None of us are as young as we used to be. Celebrate the now with new headshots.

Copyright date
Update the old copyright date in the page footer. We have found a quick, permanent fix that will automatically update your copyright date to match the current year, whatever it is.

Copyright Date Change Code

Nothing dates your website faster than an old copyright date in the page footer. Here is a quick, permanent fix that will automatically update your copyright date to match the current year, whatever it is.

The old text:  Your Company Name © 2013
The old code: <p>Your Company Name &copy; 2013</p>
The new code: <p>Your Company Name &copy; <?php echo date(“Y”); ?> </p>
The new text:  Your Company Name © 2014 (or whatever the current year is!)

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