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What is a website audit and why do I need one?

If your website is not as good as your company, you are needlessly driving business away. If it is not as good or better than competitor sites, you are heedlessly giving up competitive advantage. A website audit is a complete analysis of your website, to determine the starting point for website improvements. Then, we work with you on an affordable plan to take your website from good to GREAT!


An estimated 37,000 websites are hacked every day. We will check the security of your website, make sure any SSL certificates are working properly, identify potential threats and suggest steps to increase security.

Mobile Friendly

75% of users access the Internet on a mobile device. We will examine how well your website displays on desktops, tablets and phones. Then we will tell you any adjustments that need to be made so you can reach your customers on the devices they use most.

User Experience

Do you know why prospects visit your website? We help to identify their reasons and determine whether the website makes it easy for visitors to find the information they’re looking for. We will suggest modifications to improve the user experience.


Does your website immediately tell a prospect what you do? We will review your site to make sure all of the necessary content items are present. We will check for page titles and descriptions as well as image alt tags. We will also identify outdated content that should be removed.

Search Results

We will tell you how your site is ranked by search engines, based on site architecture, loading speed, directory listings, keywords and your backlink profile. We will identify quality issues and develop a strategy to improve your position in search results.

Competitive Analysis

We will analyze three of your competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses based on technical specs, content, advertising, social media, online reputation and local directories. This information helps determine which marketing channels the competition is utilizing in order to develop a marketing strategy based on data.


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