Remember the horror of school picture day? You dressed and primped to impress by looking your dolled-up best or by carefully affecting the I Don’t Care look. Then you sat for 30 seconds and a picture was snapped that would stay with you forever.

You certainly remember the worst one: You had a blemish, a squint, a lopsided smile or more than your usual number of chins. You cringe at your regrettable fashion choices circa 1974, 1985, 1993 or 2001: the neon shirt, powder blue suit, chunky plastic earrings, flattop, Jheri curl, big hair, big bangs, crimping or feathering.

Now your boss wants you to arrange for business headshots of yourself and the rest of the staff for the company website and you’re breaking into a cold sweat. You hate the idea and so do all of your school-picture-phobic colleagues. We’re here to say, relax. You got this. Here’s how to have a happy grown-up picture day:

  • DON’T cheap out with an amateur photographer. Hire a professional with a good reputation.
  • DO ask the photographer to avoid shooting up at subjects from below eye level, as this angle will result in unflattering pictures, especially if the subject is older or heavier.
  • DO pay extra to hire a professional stylist who will tame fly-away hair and powder away blemishes and shine.
  • DO encourage your colleagues to avoid season-specific outfits and trendy clothes that will look dated four months, days or minutes from now.
  • DO suggest that everyone wear makeup, hairstyles, jewelry and attire appropriate for the office.
  • DON’T rush. Each person should have at least a dozen pictures taken so that each may choose from a varied selection.

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