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Custom Logo Design

The best designs emerge from brand strategy

The Nike swoosh. The classically cursive Coca-Cola. The Apple … apple. These three instantly recognizable corporate logos represent the three basic logo types.

Nike’s logo displays the company name as uniquely stylized text integrated with an icon that caught on because it conveys a simple dynamism.  The Coca-Cola logo is a text treatment, using a retro font that stirs sentimentality. The Apple logo is an icon without text in a monochrome that says simple, sleek and modern.

It goes to show that there is no set formula for great logo design. The best logo design for your business, nonprofit or educational institution will emerge from thoughtful brand strategy and the creativity to bring that brand to life.

Our approach to logo design

Hollister Creative has won multiple national awards for logo design. Before we begin to design yours, we need to know your company’s mind and heart. We will ask questions to understand how you think about your business purpose and your target audience. One of the ways we get at the heart of your company – the feelings you have about what it represents – is to give you a list of emotion triggering words like “cutting edge,” “friendly,” or “feminine/masculine,” and ask you to choose the ones that fit.

The exercise is a little like filling out an online dating profile, except we’re way less nerve-wracking to meet with. And we’re guaranteed to like you just the way you are. Authenticity is key to a compelling brand.

Based on our understanding of your company’s mind and heart, our designers will create three distinct logo concepts in black and white, and send them to you in PDF format for review. We don’t promise love at first sight, but rest assured you will fall in love with a logo design before we’re through.

You’ll decide which of the concepts feels like the best fit. There might be elements of two or all three concepts you want us to bring together. Based on your feedback, we’ll refine the design in a set of revised concepts.

After you settle on a logo you love in black and white, we will apply either colors that are already part of your identity or new sets of colors. Together, we again engage in a collaborative refinement process. Once you give final approval, we’ll deliver your new logo in all of the forms you might need.

Rave Reviews For Logo, Booklet

“It was a real pleasure to work with the Hollister Creative team on this project. In addition to their skills in graphic design, copy and layout, team members were immediately responsive and accommodating in making last-minute changes and meeting deadlines. The Women 100 logo and the booklet produced by Hollister Creative are colorful and classy. Both are receiving rave reviews and will help Vision 2020 describe our ambitious national plans for the year 2020!”

Lynn Yeakel

Vision 2020

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