Branding and Identity Design

Is your brand authentic and compelling? A strong and consistent brand fosters awareness, affinity and loyalty.

Branding Strategy

Whether we are helping you with branding or rebranding, we start by understanding the personality and purpose of your company, its position relative to competitors and its relationship with existing customers. Then we address your goals, which may be to establish perceptions, reinforce existing perceptions, or change perceptions that no longer fit. Read more about brand elevation strategy, consulting and workshops.

Logo Design

Creating the logo that will represent your brand is an exciting collaborative process. A great logo design evokes the positive feelings and qualities that you want customers to associate with the brand. Read more about custom logo design. As logo designers, we also need to nail the technical details. Your logo must display equally well on a business card or a billboard, in color or black and white, in print and on the web. The logo is the foundation of your brand’s visual identity, as it establishes a particular visual style and one or two signature Pantone colors. See before-and-after logo designs.

Visual Identity Design

Visual identity design expands on the logo to create the branded “look and feel” of the organization in print and on the web. It includes the selection of a secondary color palette and one or two font families, as well as the creation of one or more signature design elements. We apply these to the design of identity materials: letterhead, envelope and business cards. To ensure consistency, the visual identity design process usually culminates in a set of branding guidelines to be followed by everyone designing materials for the organization. Learn more about visual identity design.

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