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Q: I want a one-sheet brochure, but I don’t want the usual kind with the paper folded into thirds. Do I have any more exciting options for brochure folds?

A: No need to stick to the traditional trifold. You have lots of choices for brochure folds! Check out the graphic below to see some other types of brochures. You can immediately double the possibilities by using these designs horizontally instead of vertically.

Examples of various brochure folds

Some brochure folds are basic, while others are more complicated and may cost extra to print. If you have some extra cash and want to get fancy, you can try unusual folds, non-rectangular paper, imagination and math to make just about anything.

If you share our fascination with folding, we highly recommend the documentary film Between the Folds, an intriguing look at the scientists and artists who have devoted themselves to the medium of modern origami. It’s available on iTunes and Amazon, and is streaming on Netflix. View a preview.

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