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Judy Carne being doused with water.

Judy Carne was Laugh-In’s “sock it to me” girl. Click to see show hosts Rowan & Martin sock it to her.

Every business can and should have Stand-Out Qualities, especially if it sells a product or service that many others sell. Only the few companies with a truly unique product or service can stand out with that alone. The rest of us have to create ways to stand out through the quality experiences we provide.

To do this, start by mapping out the current buyer experience, from the ways prospects might first encounter your company; through the sales process, proposal and purchase; through the delivery process and on into post-delivery. What happens at each touch point? What could you do to make that touch so high-quality that it stands out?


Write down all of your ideas. Then edit the list to select what is practical to do now, given your dollar and personnel resources. The things you choose to do should not be expensive or time-consuming because they need to quickly become part of your routine process, made to happen every time, for every prospect or customer. Examples:

  • A person submits an email address to obtain valuable information from your website. SoQ: Your auto-reply contains a short video of the company president thanking the person for connecting and promising not to pester him with sales calls.
  • A person calls to inquire about your offer. SoQ: The salesperson she spoke with follows up the call by emailing her a brief “thanks for calling” note and a coupon redeemable for “one friendly visit including hand-delivery of your favorite Starbucks beverage.”
  • In a post-delivery call, you ask your customer to respond to a satisfaction survey or provide a testimonial. SoQ: Every customer who follows through on your request gets mailed a signed thank-you card with M&Ms in your company colors stamped “Thank You” and “You Rock.”
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