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logo tagline hall of fame

Examples from the logo tagline Hall of Fame – but what size is best?

Taglines are part of many memorable logos. While the logo is the driver, the tagline is its little buddy, riding shotgun to explain what the company does, how it does it or how customers should feel about it.

Problems arise when the tagline is out of proportion to the logo size. Your logo and tagline need to be legible in a variety of sizes and in many settings, from business cards to websites to billboards.

If either completely dwarfs the other, it will wreak havoc with overall readability. Rightsize your logo tagline for best results.

  • DON’T choose a tagline font that is difficult to read, such as a script or an ornamental font.
  • DO test tagline readability by shrinking and enlarging your logo/tagline combo. How does it look when sized for a business card? Readers shouldn’t have to squint as though it’s the last line of an eye test chart. How does the proportion hold up if you print out the combo, tape it to a wall and start backing away?

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