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Q: My nonprofit is considering whether to include a remittance envelope in our next newsletter. Is this still done in 2015? And if so, how can we do it best?

A: Convincing prospective donors to part with their cash has always been the primary challenge for nonprofits. In recent years, organizations also have had to adapt to shifting donor behaviors. As more and more donors want to do everything online, many nonprofits nowadays are focused on digital fundraising strategies.

A remittance envelope for the Women's Humane SocietyBut for some audiences, the familiar ways are still the best. Many people are uncomfortable sharing credit card information online and much prefer the time-tested sign, seal, stamp and send method. If you want to make this donation process easier — as the Women’s Humane Society did in its newsletter, The Guardian — including a remittance envelope is still the best way. To cover all the bases, also state on the envelope how to donate online.

If you haven’t tried including remittance envelopes with your communications to donors and prospects, it is certainly worth trying. Here are some tips to help you along:

  • Display a few suggested donation amounts.
  • Make it postage-paid so no stamp is needed.
  • Make sure that sensitive personal information, such as credit card numbers, will be inside the sealed portion.
  • Because the envelope must be sealed and later reopened, take care that no text in your design will be damaged by the glue strip.
  • Give its design the same attention you give to the pages of the newsletter. If they are beautifully and seamlessly designed, prospects are more likely to stay engaged with the newsletter long enough to view donating as the completion step.

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