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In May, we introduced a new format for our popular monthly email newsletter. We asked our readers to tell us if liked it better or preferred the old format. Reader responses were overwhelmingly in favor of the new format. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Love the new shorter format – with links to more detail! Way to keep it fresh and new.
Sandra Donahue, Drexel University

I am a super fan, and this is very clean, informative, and I can scan for the articles I want to invest my time in. Excellent!! Thank you. Always worth a read. Very good tips and advice.
Jim Hakala, University of Colorado Museum

I LOVE the new format. I think that the content is very easily manageable by keeping it short and sweet. As always, keep up the good work – this is BY FAR the best newsletter I’m subscribed to. I really do enjoy the morning it shows up in my inbox. 
Kimberly Eggert, Smart Vent Products

The old format’s density gave it a certain “gravitas” that I liked – it  nicely balanced the playful tone. However, the new format is an easier skim – and my rule of thumb is that format (for anything) is 80% of the challenge in getting/keeping attention. 
Bob Carolla, National Alliance on Mental Illness

The Hollister newsletter is always informative and now easier to use. I like being able to do a quick scan for the articles that would be of most interest to me or those I might share it with. The Editor DOs and DON’Ts is my favorite section. The link to the Marketing Advice blog will help me catch up on anything I missed. Well done!
Barbara  Szala, In-Person Communications

I was able to select topics and read further versus being inundated with info. Love the calendar list!
Maureen McVail, Institute for Women’s Health and Leadership

Simple. Direct. Short. Looks great!
Brian Daniel, A&A Machinery Moving & Sales

I like the shorter format with teasers to read more on your website. As always, a great job, great tone, and concrete examples.
Xenia Hewka ScottThe Main Line Chamber of Commerce

It’s a lot easier to digest this way.
Bill Haley, Allied Pixel

It looks good and is easy to navigate.
Nan Myers, Content Strategist, Writer and Editor