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Promoting events isn't as easy as having an elephant parade down Main Street.

We can’t all march elephants down Main Street to promote events. Even the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will stop doing so, as it phases out the pachyderm acts in response to pressure from animal rights activists.

Event planning begins with thinking BIG. Let’s put on a show – the greatest show on Earth! We will sell out our fundraising gala, our benefit concert, our leadership conference, our special exhibit…

It would be so easy, if only we had circus animals to parade through the city. Alas, getting the public’s attention has become much more difficult since P.T. Barnum’s reign as the ultimate showman and strategic publicist.

Successfully promoting events today requires the efforts of multiple people with complementary skill sets. Few organizations are large enough, or put on a sufficient number of events, to warrant having all the needed talent on staff. Most hire outside experts to provide some or all of these skills:

  • Crafting the message. A marketing expert looks at the event’s potential audience, segments it, and delivers both a main message and targeted messages for each segment.
  • Developing the graphic identity. A designer well versed in brand development creates the distinctive look and feel that will unify all materials and media used to promote the event.
  • Writing and designing materials. A creative team of writers and designers, working from the approved messages and graphic identity, develops the event’s web presence, email blasts, brochures, mailers, advertisements, etc.
  • Conducting a social media campaign. A social media expert engages the target audiences via frequent posts to social media pages that are crafted to generate excitement about the event through online conversation and sharing.
  • Obtaining free media coverage. A public relations expert plans and implements a strategy to gain exposure for the event through relevant websites, blogs, print and online publications, television and radio.
  • Buying paid media placements. A professional media buyer works within the event’s budget to purchase the best combination of online and offline advertising placements to reach the target audiences.

Options for acquiring the above services include hiring and managing multiple vendors or contracting with an agency like Hollister Creative that will coordinate in-house staff and outside partners to give you a single point of contact.

In either case, it is imperative that all of the experts are collaborating with your organization and each other to avoid duplication of effort and present a smoothly integrated public presence.

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