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If your firm doesn’t have a branding style guide, you run a high risk of sending out proposals, ads, faxes, PowerPoint presentations and letters that don’t match your website, business cards and brochures.

A picture of hobgoblins. Scary. Not a good style guide.

All goblins are not hobgoblins, which are small and hairy and enjoy making humans look foolish.

You may not think it’s a big deal if your brand looks different across platforms, or if Jane uses a different letterhead than Bob. After all, that famous champion of individualism Ralph Waldo Emerson said:  “Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…”

With all due respect to Emerson, eschewing consistency may make you a better person, but it will weaken your company’s branding.

  • DO ask your graphic designer to create a style guide specifying colors, fonts, line spacing, logo usage and any other distinguishing design elements. Keep a copy of the guide in case you ever decide to change graphic designers.
  • DO make templates of branded documents readily available to your employees to ensure that eblasts, faxes, PowerPoints and official letters maintain a consistent branded look.

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