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Hollister Creative President Kim Landry will provide tips and tricks on getting found in local search during a breakout session of NAWBO Leadership Conference 2017: Winning Women—Shattering the Glass!

The half-day conference is Thursday, April 27, at the Pyramid Club. Visit http://www.nawbophiladelphia.org to register today!

Landry says, “To win at local search, you need a big digital footprint. The more monstrous, the better. We’re talking Bigfoot big. But how can you develop a big footprint if you can’t afford to pay an expert to do it for you?

“The answer,” she says, “is simple: Do it yourself.” In her talk, participants will learn how.

They will gain an understanding of local search and how it relates to other aspects of digital marketing. Landry will send them a copy of the PowerPoint to use as a reminder of what to do and how.