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Two hogs who probably can't blog. Create a schedule so blogging doesn't eat all of your time.

The voracious wild Time Hog (left) can become a Tame Hog.

If you’ve resisted blogging, or tried and failed to maintain a blog, the reason may be the Time Hog. You’re either afraid of it or you’ve been a victim of the Time Hog gone wild.

It’s time to tame the hog because you need to blog. Blogging attracts prospects and builds the know/like/trust factors that cause them to call your company when they have a need. Blogging also keeps existing clients engaged, so you have ongoing opportunities to upsell, cross-sell and gain referrals from them. And blogging contributes to SEO on your website.

Time is required to maintain a blog that provides real value to readers (and a blog without real value is a total waste of time). The goal is to domesticate the wild Time Hog and make it a Tame Hog. Here’s how:

  1. Schedule a weekly writing session and create a content calendar.
  2. Stick to what you know.
  3. Write down topic ideas from questions asked by clients and prospects.
  4. Save URLs of good articles you can comment on and link to.
  5. Or hire Hog Tamers like us to blog for you.

Can you Hazzard 53 seconds for a quick laugh? Enjoy this classic clip of  Boss Hogg gone wild.

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