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Hollister Creative President Kim Landry, who has led her Philadelphia-area marketing communications firm to 50 national and international awards in the last five years, will be honored at the “Decades of Excellence” awards gala hosted by the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC) on May 10 in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Kim Landry will be inducted into the “Decades of Excellence” Hall of Fame in honor of her 10 years of certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).

For Landry, the honor is both welcome and unexpected. “I didn’t know that I was in the first wave when I sought WBE certification back in 2003, so the honor surprised me,” Landry says. “To be one of only 200 woman-owned businesses certified by NWBOC for so long feels pretty special when there are more than 8 million women business owners in the country today.”

Landry also appreciates the opportunities WBE certification has afforded Hollister Creative: “Certification is designed to open doors with large corporations and government entities. But its impact goes beyond that. Certification, like industry awards and other honors, builds trust in your company. Essentially, a third-party accreditation team has thoroughly evaluated your company and decided that it is capable and worthy of large contracts. That’s impressive, and it helps in attracting new clients of all types and sizes.”

The Hall of Fame induction coincides with another notable milestone in Hollister Creative’s 23-year history: In May, the firm is moving its offices and design studio from Wynnewood, PA to 763 W. Lancaster Ave., Suite 250, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010.

About Hollister Creative

Hollister Creative produces custom print and electronic publications, websites, ebooks, enewsletters and marketing materials for a wide variety of corporate, non-profit and educational clients. Its expertise includes website design, SEO, print and web publication design, graphic design, editing and copywriting.


NWBOC was created in 1995 in response to needs identified by the Procurement Special Interest Group of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO.) The investigation revealed that to a large degree corporate America and government agencies had not received, nor recognized, the benefits of contracting with women suppliers. Only a small fraction of corporate and government contracts were with women-owned firms. This mindset prevented purchasers from obtaining the best value in their procurements, and it limited women business owners from penetrating these markets, which has stymied their business growth. Research has shown that after developing supplier partnerships with women-owned firms, many companies and government agencies have enhanced their bottom line for their shareholders, and taxpayers, respectively.

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