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An anti-bullying education program crafted by Hollister Creative as an outreach project for a Major League Baseball team has set new distribution records for reaching students this fall.

“The Detroit Tigers Strike Out Bullying,” which features a student learning booklet, profiles and advice from Major League players and a classroom poster offering tips for dealing with bullies from Hollister Creative, will reach more than 120,000 students in schools across the state of Michigan in September and October, which is National Anti-Bullying Month.

The number of students reached this year is nearly 50,000 more than the distribution achieved last fall, which was the first year of the anti-bullying program sponsored by the Detroit Tigers team, the Detroit Tigers Foundation and Michigan K.I.D.S., the Detroit Newspapers in Education non-profit program for the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News.

Hollister Creative, a marketing and education firm based in Wynnewood, also created the materials for the first year of the anti-bullying program, after crafting education materials for the Tigers and Michigan K.I.D.S. for the previous six years on topics ranging from childhood obesity, to respect and teamwork, to reading and literacy.

The centerpiece of this year’s program is a 16-page student learning booklet that features player profiles in which team members discuss how they dealt with bullying growing up, a “Tigers Pledge to Stop Bullying,” and “The PAWS Plan for Fair Play,” in which the Tigers mascot PAWS offers tips for dealing with bullying situations.

The materials were distributed as the Tigers won the American League Central Division title and advanced to the playoffs.

In its role as creative partner for the team’s outreach program, Hollister has crafted materials designed to help the team and its foundation “reach our community with positive messages and promote good citizenship.”

“As the caretaker of the Tigers brand in these projects, Hollister Creative has maintained the integrity of our mark as well as the authentic voices of the Tigers players,” said Ellen Hill Zeringue, the team’s vice president for marketing. “Hollister managed to produce dynamic pieces that delivered a fresh message about anti-bullying that included heart-warming and inspirational player testimonials coupled with vibrant and thought provoking graphics.”

The response of teachers and schools this year was an eye-opener for Sharon Martin of Michigan K.I.D.S., program director for the Newspapers in Education program.

“This has been one of our most successful programs ever,” Martin said. “We nearly doubled our press run, and we are on pace to deliver all the materials we have available. There is such a need for anti-bullying materials in schools, and the Tigers partnership has made our program both appealing and effective for students and teachers.

“The player profiles crafted by Hollister enabled students to learn from the real-life experiences of team members,” she added, “and the handsome classroom poster reminds students every day how important it is to say no to bullying.”

About Hollister Kids

The education division of Hollister Creative has created award-winning education programs for sports teams, foundations, corporations, arts groups, museums and other organizations for more than 15 years. The education division, Hollister Kids, has been honored more than 50 times for excellence in the national awards competition of the Association of Educational Publishers.

Hollister Kids also syndicates themed educational materials to newspapers, non-profit groups, individual parents, teachers and home schoolers through its website, www.hollisterkids.com.

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