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Hook_GoodForm-TextIn the movie Hook, Dustin Hoffman’s captain was a tad obsessive about good form. He was forever commenting about who had it – or didn’t – and fans had a lot of fun repeating his signature phrase, “Good form!” – usually in silly voices.

In business, you need to pay attention to good form in whatever you do – and that includes the actual forms you create to gather information on your website.

Online forms are a gateway through which to invite potential customers to contact the business, register for an event, download a white paper, request a quote and, best of all, make a purchase.

So it surprises us that many online forms are confusing and frustrating. Some form designers appear to focus mainly on the information the business wants to collect, at the expense of a positive user experience. Getting the UX right is key to form completion, especially on mobile devices where tiny screens and clumsy fingers make navigation much more difficult.

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Famous Forms Quiz

Examples of good form from across the globe

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