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Bryn Mawr Orthodontic Lab knew that its marketing materials needed to make an excellent first impression.

Having a business and not doing any type of marketing is not just ineffective — it’s irresponsible. Having a marketing strategy that doesn’t consider the importance of quality graphic design is just as bad.

Graphic design should be a business priority; it plays an integral role in the way your company is perceived by your market, by your competitors and, most importantly, by your potential customers. It affects everything from your logo and branding, to the  visual representation of your brand on your website, to the marketing materials and the graphics you use in your content marketing campaigns.

Here are 5 ways good graphic design is essential to your success:

Brand Recognition

The visual representation of your brand can help or hurt your company’s profile. Your logo, of course, is the first and fastest way people make an association with your brand, so it should be memorable and appropriate for what you do. The rest of your visual brand is created through the colors, fonts and graphics you use on your website, email communications, social media and more. When you brand effectively with design, people should be able to instantly recognize an email campaign that comes from you, or a social media post you’ve put up. If you do not give much thought to your logo or visual brand, your company can come off as unprofessional and undesirable.


Once you’ve developed the “look” of your company, it is important to remain consistent across all marketing channels. Everyone in your company should be using the logo, colors and fonts the same way, so that every time your company is put in front of the public, it is done in a consistent and professional manner. It is confusing to clients if they receive an email campaign that looks one way and then are greeted with something that looks completely different when they click through to your website.

Consistency also is important to make the visual representation of your brand instantly recognizable. Think about that specific shade of aqua and how every time you see it, you immediately know it’s Tiffany’s. For your company, it may be your brand color, the specific font you use or the types of images you use. But whatever it is that makes your brand unique, keep it consistent across all channels.


In a highly visual society, it is almost impossible to have a content marketing strategy that doesn’t include a strong emphasis on images. Users are much more likely to engage with a post on social media if the image is attention-grabbing and interesting. The use of infographics has also become a creative way to present content and information visually, getting the message across quickly in a fun way.

The Art of Persuasion

A well-designed website or landing page can visually persuade a prospect to take a specific action through the use of calls to action. These are usually brightly colored buttons with an enticing offer such as “Subscribe for monthly tips” or “Download our fact sheet to learn more.” These calls to action are an important way of generating leads and visually guiding users through your content while keeping them focused and interested.

Lasting Impressions

When you go to an important meeting, you want to wow your potential client. Strong design can help if you have a handsome business card to hand them, an attractive PowerPoint presentation to show them or a beautifully designed fact sheet to support your presentation. To leave a lasting impression, prepare a leave-behind such as a well-designed brochure to provide further details and information. When your marketing materials represent your brand in a visually pleasing way, potential clients are more likely to remember you, trust you and like you. Good graphic design should be a business priority — it’s an essential part of a successful marketing strategy.