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Your prospects and customers are searching online. Listen for their silent scream. Can you hear it? They are screaming HELP! If you want to engage them in their moment of need, you can do it with helpful content. Here’s how.

1. Answer their questions.

Your prospects are asking questions about something they want or need as they search online for somebody, anybody to HELP!

  • Share your knowledge by answering typical questions on your website blog, social media pages and newsletter.
  • State the question in the headline, answer it in the body text.
  • Go deep enough into the subject matter for knowledgeable consumers, but be brief enough for the CEO.

2. Express your expert opinions.

Your prospects are overwhelmed by information. They want an expert to tell them what is important and how it can HELP.

  • Give advice: At the very least, it spices up the bland facts.
  • Be authoritative: Prospects will see you as a thought leader.
  • Don’t advertise: Let your expertise “sell” for you.

3. Be likable.

Your prospects must know, like and trust you before they will call. Any way you can lighten up your content will HELP.

  • Use anecdotes to tell an intriguing or entertaining story.
  • Choose an engaging image that fits the subject and mood.
  • Inject humor if the subject matter allows it.
  • Avoid snarky or snide comments – save those for friends.
  • Don’t criticize others, especially your competitors.
  • Stay positive – people are repelled by negative energy.