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Control your website! Too many business owners unwittingly give away the keys to their company website.

Do you control your website? A cautionary tale from the current week:

Business owner’s bookkeeper notices odd charges on company credit card shared with “friend” who built website. Domain and hosting fees were charged, as expected. So were a never-discussed $100-per-month retainer friend paid himself, plus update fees every time owner requested a change.

Lately, friend became greedy, started charging personal items. Owner calls to ask for website login so he can manage site himself. Friend refuses to provide that or the logins to the domain registration and hosting accounts.

Business owner realizes he gave away the keys to his company store and is locked out. We have the sad job of having to tell him “You do not control your website.”

This same week, we heard two other stories with different details but the same sad ending:

Dental practice signed deal for “free” website without noticing the contract locked them in to monthly maintenance fees and update fees. Worse, they couldn’t buy, and would never-ever be given, the keys to control the site.

Ecommerce business dependent upon reliability of online order form suffers when form stops working. Owner tries without success to contact person who built site. You guessed it: Missing person is the only one who has the keys.

Your company makes a significant investment to develop a website. It’s vital that the owner and/or top company executive has a copy of the user names, passwords, and other access information needed to keep ownership and control of the site.

You actually own and control your website if:

  • Your URL (domain) is registered to your company, domain renewal fees are billed to your company, and you have the URL, username and password to access your domain registration account.
  • Your company’s name is on the hosting account, the host bills you directly, and you know the URL, username and password to access your hosting account.
  • You know the URL, username and password to access your website’s content management system (CMS).

We’ve made a handy checklist for you to download, fill out and put somewhere safe. Click here to download the PDF.

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