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Our team has been talking about how to make Hollister Creative a force for good.

We agreed: Clients hire us to help them make a bigger impact on their audiences. By doing this, we help our clients become more successful. Each client’s growth in size, resources and influence increases its ability to have a positive social impact in the community.

We concluded: Hollister Creative could be a greater force for good if we became intentional about serving socially conscious organizations.

Starting now, that is our intent: to use our skills in strategy, design and content to help for-profit and nonprofit organizations that have, or want to have, social impact. We are making our intention clear to all by calling our business a social impact marketing agency.

To be the change we want to see, Hollister Creative also will begin donating to nonprofits 3% of new creative services revenue from social impact clients. If the client or its affiliated foundation is a 501(c)(3), the donation check will go there. If the client is for-profit, the donation check will go to the United Way’s Impact Fund.