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Ursinus College is planning an interesting and fun-filled weekend for alumni this spring. Hosting an alumni weekend is nothing new, but leaders of the Ursinus Alumni Relations staff are always challenging themselves to find new and better ways to engage alumni and encourage them to participate.

Ursinus College made an advertising magnet to help market alumni weekendThis year, they chose Hollister Creative to help them develop the marketing message and materials, which include an ad in the college magazine, a save-the-date postcard, a series of email blasts and a program mailer that details the weekend activities.

The message revolves around “coming back” to the campus and the very personal reason most alums return: to have fun with the friends they had fun with in college. The ad and postcard feature photo-booth shots of alums who were clearly having fun when they took part last year, as well as handwriting-style headlines with the personal message, “We came back! Are you coming back?”

It’s a challenge to get people to plan months in advance to attend an event, so this year the Ursinus Alumni Relations leaders suggested attaching a reminder magnet to the postcard. We loved the advertising magnet idea, and here’s why.

  • It’s not just a postcard. Now it’s a postcard and a little gifty-thingy. When you see the swag that people scarf up at trade show booths, you realize people love any and all little gifty-thingies.
  • It is more likely to be saved. Postcards arrive with all the other mostly-junk mail and may quickly be recycled. But not before the recipient peels off the magnet, which is obviously meant to be saved. If the person goes to the event, the advertising magnet becomes a keepsake.
  • It is more likely to be displayed. Reminder messages get stuck on the refrigerator, right? So where is a person likely to stick a reminder magnet with a beautiful photo (for example, a photo of an iconic building at their beloved alma mater)? Bingo. Your event promotion will now be seen every single day.

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