An example of outdated stock art.

Outdated: glasses, phone, outfit (or lack thereof?).

Q: To save money, I want to use some stock art we bought a few years ago for my website, but I’m afraid it might be dated. What should I look out for?

A: Technology and fashion are dead giveaways for outdated stock art.

Look out for rotary phones, bulky cell phones, old cars, computer monitors, TVs, video cameras, cassette tapes, floppy disks, CDs, film, VCRs, pagers/beepers and old video game systems. In fact, avoid technology in general. If it isn’t dated yet, it will be in six minutes.

Fashion’s a little trickier. If eighties leggings are back, can big Jersey hair be far behind? Beware of Photoshopping hair, as the result will look like a cheap wig. And we recommend against removing dated clothing, as it is inadvisable to feature naked people on your website. Instead, look for models sporting classic looks and understated hairdos.

If your gut reaction is that the art might look dated, invest in some new pictures. Your instinct often picks up on things that your mind doesn’t consciously register, i.e., if you think it’s dated, it probably is.

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