Social Media Banners

In the social media banner displays we design for our agency and our clients, viewers see the brand.

On the Internet, every day can be a banner day for a business. So if your business has pages on social media sites, pay special attention to your banners.

Those are the display areas at the top of your profile pages (aka cover photo, cover image, header, background). Like a display advertisement or store window display, the impression it gives viewers is hugely important.

Banners are the first thing viewers see. They should give visitors a sense of your brand in the blink of an eye. Capture their interest in a couple of seconds or they will move on.

Even if your banners are nicely designed, it takes regular attention to make sure they continue working with the ever-changing platforms of social media sites.

Each social media platform has its own guidelines for banners and “skin” formats. One size does not fit all, so you cannot simply cut and paste the same image across all platforms. You have to customize, site by site.

Make sure all the images you use are top quality and sized to the correct specs for each site. You can get the specs directly from each platform or host network, or you can do a quick Internet search to find a site that has conveniently compiled them for you.]

It’s worth the effort because your banner is prime real estate on every social media site. Follow these tips to maximize banner impact:

  • DO check your social media page banners monthly on a smartphone as well as a desktop.
  • DON’T assume one image will work on all platforms.
  • DO research current banner specs and guidelines for every social media site you use.
  • DO be mindful that specs can change – sometimes without notice.

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