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If you are a multitasker, you can perform website updates while you are working out – fulfilling two New Year’s resolutions at the same time!

The New Year will soon be rolling in, and to get it off to a good start, a lot of us will be making resolutions. Along with the staples of getting more exercise, eating less junk food and reading more books, we recommend you resolve to make a website maintenance plan.

Your website is an essential piece of your marketing, and when unmaintained for too long it becomes costly to bring back up to date. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to make sure your website never gets to that point.

Many of the website updates can be done in-house. But some things should only be handled by a trained expert, so consult one you trust before plunging ahead. Web experts like Hollister Creative can lay out what needs to be accomplished, how much can be done by your team and what aspects need design or technical skills.

Best of all, an expert has the experience to help you set a budget for updates you need, as well as upgrades you may want, prioritize tasks and assign them to be completed in intervals.

Here are three core areas that site maintenance plans should cover.

  1. Software: It is crucial to keep your website’s software up to date – especially if you are using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress. Software updates ensure your site is secure, operating correctly and free from bugs. When your software gets too out of date, components stop playing nicely together and you’ll spend additional time and money to make them play nice again. We advise against doing software updates yourself because they can cause unforeseen “back end” issues to arise. Instead, look to a trusted expert to perform updates monthly or quarterly.
  1. Content: As time flies by, things get old. So does the content of your website. Everyday things that you remember to do for your business you may not remember to do for your website. These can include changes to brand messaging, team members, services, business hours, contact information or calls to action. If you are comfortable using a CMS like WordPress, you can make these changes yourself. But if you can’t make time to update content regularly, it may be more efficient to budget for this and hire your web expert to do it.
  1. Look and feel: In the fast-paced online world, the look and feel of your website is as important as the content. Rightly or wrongly, many visitors judge the credibility of a website by its design. Your website maintenance plan should include keeping the look, feel and experience of your site as fresh as a new year. Doing this might include freshening colors, fonts and images; improving search engine optimization; and enhancing the user experience on mobile devices.

So be resolved: Start the new year right with a website maintenance plan.

Need help updating your website? Call Kim Landry at 484-829-0021 or email [email protected]. We can conduct a hassle-free website audit to identity critical needs, present comprehensive strategies to update and upgrade your site and craft a budget that won’t break the bank.

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