Q: I am so confused! Is it among friends or between friends? I am fighting over this with my BFF.

A:  Among or between? This is heady stuff. But before we launch into the tutorial, please remember first that grammar should never be allowed to get between two friends in casual conversation. It is fodder only for passive-aggressive nitpickers who secretly don’t like each other. Kiss and make up, because you’re both right!

Sookie is clearly between Eric and Bill, but is she among friends?

Sookie is clearly between Eric and Bill, but is she among friends?

Among or between are definitely not for beginners so give yourself a pat on the back for your keen and discerning grammatical eye.  Here is how to use among or between correctly. Use “between” if there are only two friends. Use “among” if there are more than two of you. Here’s the tricky part: Use “between” if your sentence has three or more specific, individual named items. Like this:

  • I can’t pick a favorite actor among the cast members of True Blood. They’re all so great!
  • When Sookie had to choose between handsome, intense Bill and gorgeous, dangerous Eric, she opted for neither. She’s clearly insane.
  • In a coolness contest between caustic fashionista Pam, beautiful and tough Tara, and sweet and loyal Sam, I’d give them all first place.

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