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Do you know who your buyer is?

The most successful marketing campaigns in history all have one thing in common: They targeted the right people. It seems obvious, right? Unless you have the legendary sales skills of P.T. Barnum, you won’t have much success selling needles to porcupines. Yet, like...

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Mixing many different font families ruins a design

When cooking, seasonings are used to enhance the flavor of foods. The right amount complements the dish, creating a final product that’s a treat to eat. But mixing wildly different seasonings together, or using them in the wrong proportions, is a recipe for disaster....

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How to avoid using meaningless buzzwords

Have you ever read a company announcement and realized that, although it seems to say a lot, you have no idea what it means? Dear ARoundTuit Fans - As you may know, the ARoundTuit Company is on a burning platform. It’s time to move the needle by focusing on our core...

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