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The plague of poor pop-up design

Have you ever played Whac-A-Mole, the game in which you try to anticipate where that annoying little critter is going to pop up next so you can smack it over the head with a mallet? It’s lots of fun in the arcade, but on a website, poorly designed pop-ups block...

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How to write better marketing emails

Q: I read that email marketing has the potential to bring my small business big prospects, so I fired up my computer and started sending missives to my list of prospects. I was certain those conversions were just a mouse click away. Yet a week later, the response has...

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Readers comment on new email newsletter format

In May, we introduced a new format for our popular monthly email newsletter. We asked our readers to tell us if liked it better or preferred the old format. Reader responses were overwhelmingly in favor of the new format. Here's what some of them had to say. Love the...

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Do you know who your buyer is?

The most successful marketing campaigns in history all have one thing in common: They targeted the right people. It seems obvious, right? Unless you have the legendary sales skills of P.T. Barnum, you won’t have much success selling needles to porcupines. Yet, like...

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